75% Atlantic provinces

Patient Intake Solutions at TSG

Selected by 75% of Atlantic Canada

October 02, 2020

In September 2019, The Shams Group secured its first Atlantic Canadian province and was contracted to implement its Patient Check-in & Registration Kiosk at two main referral facilities within that province. In the year since then, the company has finalized partnerships with two other Maritime provinces and gained contracts to implement nearly three dozen more kiosks across Atlantic Canada.

TSG is contracted as the intake solution partner for 75% of Canada’s Atlantic provinces.

Prior to these achievements, all of TSG’s Canadian clients were based in Ontario, where 53 kiosks have been implemented across two healthcare organizations in the area. The new technology was adopted quickly by patient populations at those facilities, and the experiences at one were even shared in a success story for a live-recorded intake kiosk webinar.

Now, the company’s intake solutions are being recognized at new heights in Canadian healthcare.

As an intake solution partner at the province level, TSG now oversees the implementation of its patient intake solutions not just at multiple Canadian facilities, but in and across multiple Canadian provinces. The solutions will address a range of intake challenges that have burdened many healthcare providers and patients for far too long – such as streamlining patient check-in and registration and enabling contactless patient intake. But the key technology powering these solutions – a low-maintenance, tablet-based patient intake kiosk – will remain a major point of emphasis for each.

TSG is contracted to implement 30+ patient intake kiosks at various facilities throughout the provinces.

Because TSG takes such pride in providing the innovative, reliable solutions that transform healthcare worldwide, finalizing these contracts has been a major benchmark in the company’s history of accomplishments. Its current precedence in the Maritimes gives testimony to both the effectiveness of its solutions and the credibility of its voice in the health IT sector. But, more important is the vision of positive change being brought to life by the healthcare organizations involved.

For the healthcare organizations involved, these partnerships represent a bold resolution, a determined step toward the technology powering the future of healthcare. And since the future waits for no one, the implementation of some solutions is set to be accomplished within a month’s time, showing that positive change can be just around the corner for any health system ready to take the next step in their digital journey.

Contactless Patient Intake will be implemented at some facilities within 30 days.

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