Patient Check-in Kiosk

Demand a Digital Intake Solution with Greater Value for your Health System

Patient Check-in Kiosk

For walk-ins, ED visits, and check-ins at the office, our intake kiosk allows patients to update their information, capture images of their ID and insurance cards, pay co-pays or outstanding balances, and sign consent forms without the help of staff. The patient intake kiosk can also print wristbands, scan QR codes, and be put in a hand-held case to offer greater flexibility in the admissions process. In addition, larger health systems can utilize the way finding feature to ensure patients are able to navigate more complex facilities with ease.

Contactless Patient Intake

With Contactless Patient Intake, your healthcare enterprise can give patients a zero-contact check-in and registration experience while allowing staff to handle intake tasks digitally.

Intake Management Dashboard

The intake management tool is the hub of efficiency for your admissions department. Instant alerts notify clerks if a patient needs immediate attention, automation eliminates redundant, tedious processes, and all patient intake tasks can be performed from their desk.

patient check-in kiosk

Specialty Workflows

Customizable workflows give our Patient Check-in & Registration application the versatility to accommodate each of your admitting departments’ needs. Every button, field, image, and word on every screen can be customized to create an intake process that makes patients more comfortable and registration staff more efficient.

Downtime Intake Solution

Our intake kiosk automatically synchronizes all new patient information submitted during a downtime back into your EHR, without anyone ever needing to manually transcribe new patient data back into the system. When paired with our EHR data aggregation and viewing solution, EHRViewer, our Patient Check-in & Registration Kiosk can contribute to an even more holistic downtime strategy that also allows physicians to access unified patient charts at the point of care during any downtime.


Built-in tracking enables health systems to maintain a clear picture of what happened during the patient intake process. Equipped with the ability to generate audit trails and management reports, executives don’t have to guess what happened in an admissions event. With our digital patient intake tools, immediate verification of exactly what took place is always just a few clicks away.